16th November 2014

Today I had the chance to visit a great German tradition: A real Christmas Market! It was a small market, but there are huge markets, too. The one in Stadthagen is in the city centre and it has got a carousel and many stalls with self-made crafts, foods and sweets not unlike a normal fair. You can buy toys made from wood and self-made wool socks, Christmas decoration, postcards, crafted candles, home-made soaps and unique silver jewellery. On the Christmas market in Stadthagen you can also get a lot of food, for example Crêpes, grilled sausage, chips and many different kinds of fruit punch with and without alcohol. Of course there is also cocoa and eggnogg. The punch is sold in a little hut where you can sit down around the counter, have some cookies and warm up. That was fun! The cocoa was nice. I rode on the motor scooter of the carousel, a nice woman gave me two little hats for my two ears and I also got a gingerbread heart!

Most Christmas Markets start at the end of November or beginning of December and end on the day before Christmas Eve.

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