A typical school day starts at 7.30. Students usually have 6 or 7 classes and each class lasts 40 or 45 minutes ( right now they are 40 min each) with a ten-minute break after every class and a thirty-minute long break after the second class. During the long break most students have their breakfast which they buy from the nearby shops or bring their own snack from home. The usual breakfast is a sandwich, a hamburger, pizza or the so called ‘banitsa’ ( it’s typical Bulgarian pastry-very delicious) Students, participants in this project, have 3 or 4 English classes a day, as it’s their Intensive English Year (18 English classes per week) Apart from English they also have Bulgarian Language, Maths, IT, Art, Music and P.E. classes. Other students study all the other subjects like Biology, Geography, Chemistry, History etc. Classes finish at 12.40 or 13.30 and students go home and do their homework in the afternoon. Students don’t have lunch at school.English classroomIT classTedd in IT class