Hello my friends.

This is what I have learnt about how they spent a typical school day in year 4. Girls and boys from 4A Class showed me around.  The day starts and finishes in the cloak room. Kids change their shoes and leave their jackets here.

P1070165P1070168 P1070169


And than off we go to start the first lesson at 7:45.  P1070171 P1070177

Next PE. Wow I love your gym.P1070182P1070244P1070239 I joined the kids for ICT and English lesson too. P1070276


I was invited to take the school lunch with them at 12:20 followed by the school afternoon club where all the kids go up to age 11. We all played, I also helped with the homework and did with gilrs some Geography.P1070278  P1070261 P1070254 P1070289P1070251 The school day in Hrnčiarska Primary in Zvolen usually finishes after 3.00 pm. Thank you girls and boys for having me in your class.

All the best

Your Tedd