Hello again! Did you know that on this school, everyone has their own computer? And they almost use it every lesson, taking notes! Today I’ve learned a lot and I have eaten in their cafeteria where they sell lunch, like baguettes. They have special days when you can buy cinnamon rolls and somedays eggs in baguettes and toasts. In the cafeteria they have both small and long tables where students can eat and smalltalk. In the breaks, while picking up books for the next class, they sometimes gather around in the small sofas and around tables and talk. They also have a kind of library where you can borrow books, and there are also sofas and tables where you can sit and study. They also have something called group rooms, which are smaller than normal classrooms. Here you can sit in the breaks or classes and study. I definitely think this school has a high standard, and some of the classrooms are entirely new, with big screens in every classroom. In the break I’ve even got to play a little golf! Keep reading and you’ll see 😉
– Tedd 

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