We are a class group of Irish second level students attending school in Coláiste Chiaráin, Croom, Co. Limerick. As part of our school curriculum we are studying European and Global Studies. Our teacher Ms. Canty has written a course in conjunction with the European Studies Programme that will help us to understand and experience what it means to be European.

To learn about Europe, its countries, people and cultures is very exciting for us! We hope to make new friends and to experience what it is like from the perspectives of our European cousins. As it is not possible for us to go to each country and experience this first hand, we have come up with a plan to send our class mate “Tedd” to travel around Europe investigating and exploring on our behalf.

We hope that Tedd gets to experience your hospitality, customs and traditions and that all of this information can be fed back through this website in the form of text, photos and/or videos.  This will help us all to truly discover Europe!

To find out what Tedd has done on his travels, click on the button below or click on the” Tedd’s Journey” page to find out more!