This week I went with different students to their hobbies. They had very different hobbies each day and it was very exciting. Unfortunately, not everybody had got their cameras with them. I’ve only got a picture of Mareike.

Usually, the students go to school until mid-day. In Stadthagen, the Wilhelm-Busch-Gymnasium is a “Ganztagsschule”, that means classes and clubs go until three thirty in the afternoon, but not all classes and clubs are mandatory. In fifth and sixth grades only one afternoon is mandatory, in grade 7 and 8, two afternoons are mandatory and in grade 9 and 10, three. The 6B has got one art lesson and their administrative hour for organisational and class issues on Thursday afternoon. The other afternoons are for homework help, clubs like the environment club, sports clubs, school newspaper, the sewing club, drama club or some of the other clubs – or hobbies!

Three of the students in 6B go to dancing classes. Vico likes breakdance, Clara does modern and jazz dance and Lea does hiphop. They are all very good! Marleen and Clara are also singing in the church choir.

Max has got an interesting hobby, he is in the junior fire brigade! There, the children have real fire brigade training every week and go on trips together sometimes. They also have got their own uniforms!

Then I went with Alex and Marius to trampoline training. They can do amazing things on the trampoline like jumps  and somersaults.FullSizeRender

Torben is a scout in his free time and very successful, too. He often goes on outings and knows a lot of knots. On the photo, you can see Mareike at vaulting training. She doesn’t only ride on the big horse, but she also makes gymnastic figures on its back and can jump down and get up in any speed, it’s all very impressive.

All the children of the 5B and 6B play on their intruments during the week for their class wind intrument’s orchestra and some of them play other instruments, too. From 7th grade on the students can take part in the school orchestra. There are no wind intrument classes anymore because the students are sorted into different classes than in 6th grade according to their second foreign language (Spanish, Latin or French).

These are only some of the hobbies the students in 6B have. Some like to go horseback-riding and some are playing lots of computer games or Playstation, too. One or two also like to draw or craft in their free time.