#eyp European Youth Parliament Conference in Sevilla (ii)

#eyp European Youth Parliament Conference in Sevilla (ii)

Time I visited Loyola university, where the debates took place.

I didn’t miss the Opening Ceremony.

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I found a street called Ireland near the campus on the way back to the the city centre.

resized_IMG_20150409_163106 Ireland Street


Teachers’ meeting and hard work.

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During the break with Amaia and Ane. We couldn’t find Beatriz to join us for the picture. She didn’t have a break.

With the President Mr Albert Reverendo.


Peering through a door, we found Beatriz working with her committee.


Adriana, one of the journalists, took me with her and I visited the Committees while they were working on their resolutions.

I definitely became an EYPer.




#eyp European Youth Parliament Conference in Sevilla (i)

#eyp European Youth Parliament Conference in Sevilla (i)

Sorry I didn’t post some lines before. I have been very busy travelling on holidays. Amaia, Ane and Beatriz took me to the European Youth Parliament Conference in Sevilla. The students had their Easter break, but they had to work really hard during their holidays. Schools in the Basque Country usually have a week off the week following Good Friday, whereas in other regions, schools have their holidays the week before Easter. This meant that during the Conference most of the schools had already had their holidays, but we hadn’t.

I flew once again. Amaia’s rucksack was very comfortable.

Students from Miranda, Arrasate and Agurain at Loiu (Bilbao) airport.


Maria Luisa Park and Plaza de España. Teambuilding.

Who says that it never rains in Sevilla?

resized_IMG_20150409_144445 group pic3 group pic tx


Sightseeing with teachers from all over Spain. Cinta, Pilar, Yolanda, Candy, Ana… thought I was really cute, so they never left me alone in the hostel.

resized_IMG_20150409_124332 resized_IMG_20150409_124346 teachers tx teddy sevilla tx wine tasting tx orange wine tx


Sports in the Basque country

Sports in the Basque country


Today I learnt that Basque students like playing pilota or pelota. If I told you that they play handball, you would get misunderstood by the so called game, and their game is different. There are a lot of varieties of this court sport which is played against a wall that they call fronton.

Esku-pilota or hand-pelota is played barehanded or with minimal protection. Well, the students recorded this video for their Comenius project a couple of years ago and I have watched it to learn about this sport. Why don’t you watch it to learn about this sport too?

Another variety is pala. The players use a wooden bat and a rubber ball. Nahia, Afrika and Chaima taught me about this game. I would like to show you that girls also play this game. Thanks, girls!


Sunday family lunch

Sunday family lunch


I have met Ania’s family and it’s been a pleasure to live with them this weekend.

A marianito for a start a family day!

CAM00228 CAM00233

The family cooked Sunday roast lamb and it was really yummy, yummy!

Patxaran is a sloe-flavoured sweet liqueur, a digestif. Many families make it at home with small dark berries called “aran”. These are wild berries that are related to wild plums.


Thanks to Ruiz de Alegria family for hosting me. I’m Tedd. Tedd Ruiz de Alegria. A new family member.