Leisure activities in and around Marche-en-Famenne

Hi guys,

Here I am in the town of Marche-en-Famenne, it’s a small town lost in the countryside of the south of Belgium. I was annoyed because I didn’t find any activities for teddy bears to spend my free time but that was before I met Christopher, a student at Institut Saint-Laurent. Christopher is going to show me the leisure activities that you can do in the area of Marche. There are actually a lot more activities than I thought there would be: there are the more adventurous activities, the more cultural activities, the sport activities and the evening activities. I’ll find out more about all this tomorrow…


Visiting a Quarry at the weekend

Visiting a Quarry at the weekend

Quarry of Marenne


At the weekend, I’m visiting a quarry. There, I’ll tell you more about the main resources in Marche. One of them is grey stone. Near Marche, in Marenne, there is a quarry from which we extract stones that are used as a building material. Somewhere else in Walloonia, there are coal mines, especially around the cities of Charleroi or Liège. The last resource I’m going to talk about is wood. Wood is used for useful things such as heating, building, creation of furniture. The forests also attract a lot of tourists and it makes the beauty of the region. I’m looking forward to this visit…


A warm welcome at “Institut Saint-Laurent”

A warm welcome at “Institut Saint-Laurent”


In front of Institut Saint-Laurent, Marche together with the students from class 3GTB


Inside Institut Saint-Laurent, Marche with the students from class 3GTB

My new friends are in the 3rd year secondary school. They are all 14 or 15 years old. They all study English at school and are even having lessons as history, geography and a lesson called “current events” in the language of Shakespeare. This is called “immersion”. Other students at the “Institut Saint-Laurent” have immersion classes in Dutch, the language spoken in Flanders, the Northern part of Belgium.


Inside a classroom with the students from class 3GTA

Tedd’s trip to Marche-en-Famenne, Belgium

Tedd’s trip to Marche-en-Famenne, Belgium

Hi fans,

On Friday, March 14th, I arrived in Marche-en-Famenne. Two groups of enthousiastic students were awaiting me.They are going to make me discover more about Marche’s culture and traditions. During the following two weeks, the students will take me to interesting places in Marche and surrounding regions. They are going to take me to the “musée de la Famenne” to find out more about Marche in history. I’ll also walk through the old town before discovering more about “housing” in and around Marche. Some students told me I will taste some Belgian chocolate and “les Baisers de Marche”, a traditional dessert. They also told me they celebrated Carnival a few weeks ago (I hope they’ll tell me more) And around this period of the year, I’ve heard they are lighting bonfires all over Walloonia (the French speaking region in Belgium).  Other students  want to keep secret the place they are  taking me to… Surprise!!!

Follow me on my journey…

Kind regards from lovely Marche,


ISL Marche