Pintxo-pote in Agurain

Pintxo-pote in Agurain


What a weekend!

Nerea, Oihana, Iranzu, Ania, Jon and Maider have taken me to the Irish tavern in Agurain. Although my friends are 16 years old, they can go into a pub and drink a soft drink. On Fridays, everybody goes out and goes to “pintxo-pote” in the town. You pay an euro and you get a drink + a free “pintxo”. A “pintxo” is similar to a “tapa”, which is a Spanish word for the food you get with your drink in Spain, but “pintxos” are usually “poked” with a toothpick, often to a slide of bread. Fridays are different. During the “pintxo-pote” the food is free. You don’t choose the “pintxos”, but they are free.”Pintxos” are usually paid independently from the drinks and they are usually very elaborate. The ingredients may vary from fish, seafood to meat and include hake, cod, anchovy, ham, dry-cure ham, for example, but I would say the most common “pintxo” is the potato omelette. 27.03.15[1]

In the Basque region, they eat “pintxos” while they are hanging out with their friends or family. It is a way of socializing and meeting people. My group of friends have taken me from one tavern to another drinking a small glass of grape juice and eating “pintxos”. Adults drink a small glass of wine or beer, so I have learnt that the drink is the “pote”.

Jon brought my Basque cousin with him.


27.03.15_(4)[1] 27.03.15_(5)[1]


Meeting Basque students

Meeting Basque students

26th-27th March


First day in Agurain. I attended a meeting at the language department in the morning .

Afterwards, I met 4. DBH students and helped them during the English lesson. They had to work in groups and revise Reported Speech. I am sure they liked their new teacher: Tedd. We also talked about the plans for the weekend.   4B2 tx 4B1 tx  4B English lesson  CBDBPhhW8AAQBEZ  batx1 tx

I also met Batx 1 students. Their trip had been postponed due to the bad weather, so they were at school. They watched the videos that their partner school from Denmark had shared. 

Friday. Everybody talks about #Korrika. I saw a banner outside school when I arrived and I asked about this initiative.

Have you heard about Rith? It is a relay race organised in sresized_IMG_20150327_120236upport of the Irish language. It was held for the first time in 2010 and coincided with Seachtain na Gaeilge, the Week of the Irish Language. It started in Galway and finished in Belfast, traversing both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Rith is a spin-off from the Korrika, a relay race organised in the Basque in support of the Basque language since 1980.

I would like you to read this article to understand what Korrika is. It is the biggest initiative in support of a language which takes place in the Basque Country. Over 11 days and 10 nights, this language festival will go on for over 210 hours and will run through most Basque villages and cities, in total a distance of around 2300 kilometres.


I met a younger group this morning: DBH3 and celebrated my birthday again after watching the video you recorded. DBH3 students recorded a message for you: Hello! Tedd is very happy in the Basque Country

More plans! Hi ho hi ho playing pala and Ozaeta I’ll go!

What a lovely coffee I drank during the break.  Jason told me at the European Studies Conference that I would be well fed and he was right. Cady offered me some of her yummy ‘pintxo’. Oh, wait! I haven’t said that I met Tito, the local barman. Did I say that Cady also takes care of me? She is our American language assistant.

I’m going out today! They are taking me to “pintxo-pote”.

My first days in the Basque Country

My first days in the Basque Country

March 25

I had a cold after the trip. Who says that it rains in Ireland? The sun was shining when I left the country. I arrived in Gasteiz yesterday and I even saw the snow. Idoia suggested wearing a hat this afternoon because it was too cold and we had to go on a tour around the city.

I like the medieval city. I heard that the old town gets really busy during the weekend. This is one of the best places to have lunch! Today I have attended a wikipedia training course. Who knows? I might be on wikipedia one day.wiki_resized


I’m meeting the students tomorrow, but they have already posted some suggestions on their blog. They have made a lot of plans and I’m really excited. They say they would like to see me hiking and climbing a mountain, so they have shared this link with me. Have a look at a pictures. This is a stunning place!

Have you heard about Zeledon? Would you help me find some information about him?



From Templepatrick to Vitoria-Gasteiz

March 22

What a surprise! I am going to visit the Basque Country after the European Studies Conference. I have been told that I am going to learn Basque and be fed with delicious ‘pintxos’. It sounds good!

Rafa and Idoia, the Basque teachers, are really excited about my visit and have made lots of plans. First of all, I’m going to stay in Vitoria-Gasteiz. Did you know that Vitoria-Gasteiz was awarded the European Green Capital title in 2012?