Say Cheeeeese :)

Say Cheeeeese :)

On the 27th of May I was brought along to a shop filled with cheese! Dutch people apparently love cheese so much that they have stores for it. I tried some and I loved it very much. As the Dutch people say: “There’s no better cheese than in the Netherlands.”

Because I am in an area with many farms I was told that many children here have cows at home. The cows are mostly used for their milk and therefore to create cheese. If you ever visit the Netherlands, you should try it!

A warm welcome!

10th November 2014

Finally, I am out of my uncomfortable travel-box! I had a nice postcard from Slovenia with me that I read at least a hundred times because I was so very bored. But today I learnt that they had holidays in Germany while I arrived. They are called autumn holidays – can you believe it? They have got holidays for every season!

Two weeks of not going to school, then six weeks school and after that there are the Christmas holidays. Today I was greeted in the teacher’s room which is quite large but not everybody has their own table. Ms Krüger and Mrs Stadtsholte cared for me and showed me around a little and took me to meet their classes.

There are 28 pupils in class 6B and  30 in class 5C and they all seem very nice. The classrooms are big and they told me they would take me on a full tour some other day. The students need to prepare properly, because they need to think about what they want to show me. I’m excited to get to know this huge school with 1000 pupils and over 100 teachers.

Today I am visiting with Jonas and Lukas, who are twins, and I’ll stay the night to find out what they have for breakfast in the morning.



Sports and Hobbies

Sports and Hobbies



Unfortunately sports are not very popular in the town, not because people don’t want to do sports but because of the lack of facilities. Yet, they do have handball teams for boys and girls ( boys are much better, though), football teams for students and the town’s team . They also have a cheerleaders team who perform during various celebrations. School gyms’ equipment is old and unreliable and students don’t enjoy their P.E classes. They sometimes play basketball or volleyball.

To compensate this lack, most young people, mostly boys, go to the town gyms, to build muscles and keep fit;also, they ride bikes or go for walks on the eco-path in the nearby forest. Dancing traditional dances is gaining popularity among people of all ages ,the dance called ‘Horo’ is very dynamic and is considered to be a very good way to keep fit. Here’s a link to one of the favourite for all dances.DancersTedd, Orlin Pavlovand TsvetaThe Bulgarian Alphabet Day