Halušky – the traditional Slovak recipe

Halušky – the traditional Slovak recipe

Hello, from the 5th Elementary School in Zvolen, again.

Kids from the class 8C got a very important task from me. Yesterday, I asked them to show me how to prepare a very traditional Slovak food. And I tried to learn it. 🙂

The traditional food is called “halušky” and there is no person of Slovak nationality who doesn´t like it. It´s delicious! It would be great if you tasted it too.

At first we had to buy ingredients. Potatoes, flour, salt, bacon, eggs and  sheep cheese (bryndza).


And then we started to cook. Firstly, we boiled the potatoes and roasted the bacon. When it was done, we grated the potatoes into a bowl and added flour, salt and an egg.


Then we made a dough and threw it through a sieve to produce tiny dumplings.


After that we left it in boiling water for three minutes and then got it into another bowl. There was given sheep cheese and bacon with its fat. By that time our halušky meal was done. For a better taste people use to drink milk with it.


Enjoy your meal,


Tedd 🙂


Zvolen´s Castle

Zvolen´s Castle

Hi everybody.

Guess what is the latest news?

I went for an exciting trip with my new friends. Class 7B took me sightseeing to the Zvolen´s Castle. It is situated in the town centre as a symbol of the town.

Gothic-Renaissance castle, which was built by King of Hungary Louis I in the 70’s of the 14th century, was originally a hunting lodge and a villa of Hungarian kings.

In the 16th century, the castle’s purpose changed and it was made over into a defensive stronghold. Fortifications, an entrance gate and two storeys were added to it, with a permanent garrison stationed at the castle. In the 18th century, the castle underwent its latest major reconstruction which lent it a Baroque appearance. The coffered ceiling in the Royal Hall, which features 78 portraits of Roman and German emperors, has been preserved up to the present day.

The castle is currently managed by the Slovak National Gallery which uses it for exhibitions. Permanent exhibitions at the castle include copies of works by Master Paul of Levoča, collections of Gothic wall paintings and an assortment of pieces of art of European visual arts called the Old European Art. Every summer, the castle yard hosts a theatre festival called the Castle Plays of Zvolen (Zámocké hry zvolenské).

DSC01222DSC01223DSC01224DSC01227DSC01235DSC01234DSC01238 DSC01241 DSC01243DSC01244DSC01263 So much to see in Zvolen.

I enjoyed the visit at the castle a lot.


A typical school day, Year 4

A typical school day, Year 4

Hello my friends.

This is what I have learnt about how they spent a typical school day in year 4. Girls and boys from 4A Class showed me around.  The day starts and finishes in the cloak room. Kids change their shoes and leave their jackets here.

P1070165P1070168 P1070169


And than off we go to start the first lesson at 7:45.  P1070171 P1070177

Next PE. Wow I love your gym.P1070182P1070244P1070239 I joined the kids for ICT and English lesson too. P1070276


I was invited to take the school lunch with them at 12:20 followed by the school afternoon club where all the kids go up to age 11. We all played, I also helped with the homework and did with gilrs some Geography.P1070278  P1070261 P1070254 P1070289P1070251 The school day in Hrnčiarska Primary in Zvolen usually finishes after 3.00 pm. Thank you girls and boys for having me in your class.

All the best

Your Tedd

Slovak teens and their spare time

Slovak teens and their spare time

Hello again,

finally, I have learnt something about Slovak teens and their leisure time activities.

Ladies first! 🙂 Like any other girl teens, of course, they like to go out with friends. They also need sports, so some of them love volleybal or basketball, others enjoy swimming or running. Timea, the one sitting in the middle, absolutely adores longboarding.

When it is rainy weather they often watch some films. Mostly romantic comedies, thrillers or horrors. A lot of them enjoy watching some soap operas too. Many teenegers are fans of The Vampire diaries, Doctor Who or American horror story.

And of course, they like reading  magazines about celebrities. Timea thinks books are better. The best types of books for them are certainly The hunger Games, The Fault in Our Star, Looking for Alaska, The Game of Thrones or classic Harry Potter books.

Well, and what would kind of life would it be without music! But since everyone is different, everyone prefers a different style. Many of them listen to POP music, Rap, Hip Hop. Others listen to Rock and music like that. Timea thinks  each of these music styles offers something nice. And she absolutely loves music which tells a story in its lyrics. So she adores authors like Lana del Rey or Ed Sheeran. Thank you, girls 🙂


And what about Slovak boys?

Slovak boy teens spend most of their their free time on sports, music, computers and other hobbies with friends.

Slovak boys prefer football and ice hockey. They enjoy watching sports events such as the Olympics, the World or European Championships. Furthermore they are keen on watching the NHL or the Spanish football league.

Slovak boys spend their spare time on the Internet, especially on Facebook or YouTube. Almost every boy likes to play some video games. And they often watch movies like Harry Potter or Fast and the Furious.

Slovak boys enjoy listening to music, too. Eminem, Rihanna and EdSheeran belong to their favourite foreign music artists.


Yes, Slovak girls and boys are like any other teenagers in the world:-)

With love