Autumn Traditional Folk Markets in Zvolen

Autumn Traditional Folk Markets in Zvolen


Hi friends,

every year at the beginning of September, when the school starts they have a special local festival in Zvolen. The name of this event is Autumn Traditional Folk Markets. People celebrate coming of autumn by that. Markets are usually at the main square.                           BeFunky_P9193986.jpgBeFunky_P9193979.jpgBeFunky_P9193980.jpg

People sell traditional Slovak products such as handmade products of wood, string or wicker there.


There is so much deliciously smelling food too.BeFunky_P9193982.jpgBeFunky_P9193989.jpg

The folk markets are usually crowded by people who enjoy the special atmosphere. During the time of the folk markets, there are a lot of  Slovak drama groups and music bands performing on the stage. For example, Iné kafé, Desmod, or Horkýže slíže. In the picture, you can see my very famous Teddy´s band 🙂



with love


My typical school day, Year 6

My typical school day, Year 6

 Hello, Tedd is here! I´m going to show you what a boy and 2 girls aged 11 have written and drawn to me when I was curious about their typical school days:

Dear Tedd,

I wake up at six o´clock. Before I go to school my mum makes sure that I have a healthy breakfast and brush my teeth. Our schol starts at quarter to eight. The most time of the week we have six lessons a day. My favourite subjects are History, Maths, Geography and English, of course. When our school ends we have lunch in the school canteen. After school I have the guitar, art and tennis lessons. I usually do my homework before our family dinner. I don´t really have much time to hang out with friends over the week. That´s why we catch up at the weekends.  

All the best





Hi Tedd,

I get up at quarter to six. I don´t have a shower in the morning, but after breakfast I brush my teeth. I put on my clothes.

I walk to school at ten past seven with my friends. Lesson starts at quarter to eight. We finish school at quarter past one and then we have school lunch. I go home at quarter to two.

When I come home, I do my homework. On Tuesday and Friday I have piano lessons in the afternoon. And on Monday, Wednesday and Friday I go to the dance class.

In the evening I go outside with my friends or I read a book. I have dinner at eight o´clock. After dinner I have a shower and then I brush my teeth. I go to my bed at nine o´clock.

Hugs and kisses




Best wishes




My first days in Zvolen, Slovakia

My first days in Zvolen, Slovakia

Hello from Zvolen!

I hope that you are doing well my friends. What about me? Don´t worry, I am fine 🙂

Kids in Zvolen normally don´t learn during their first September days at school. Instead of sitting at school, they do a lot of cool activities…

For example, I have learnt how to do basic first aid. Just in case…And I really enjoyed playing with the kids in our natural gym 🙂