Time I visited Loyola university, where the debates took place.

I didn’t miss the Opening Ceremony.

resized_IMG_20150409_151613 resized_IMG_20150409_151705 resized_IMG_20150409_151724


I found a street called Ireland near the campus on the way back to the the city centre.

resized_IMG_20150409_163106 Ireland Street


Teachers’ meeting and hard work.

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During the break with Amaia and Ane. We couldn’t find Beatriz to join us for the picture. She didn’t have a break.

With the President Mr Albert Reverendo.


Peering through a door, we found Beatriz working with her committee.


Adriana, one of the journalists, took me with her and I visited the Committees while they were working on their resolutions.

I definitely became an EYPer.