Hello, from the 5th Elementary School in Zvolen, again.

Kids from the class 8C got a very important task from me. Yesterday, I asked them to show me how to prepare a very traditional Slovak food. And I tried to learn it. 🙂

The traditional food is called “halušky” and there is no person of Slovak nationality who doesn´t like it. It´s delicious! It would be great if you tasted it too.

At first we had to buy ingredients. Potatoes, flour, salt, bacon, eggs and  sheep cheese (bryndza).


And then we started to cook. Firstly, we boiled the potatoes and roasted the bacon. When it was done, we grated the potatoes into a bowl and added flour, salt and an egg.


Then we made a dough and threw it through a sieve to produce tiny dumplings.


After that we left it in boiling water for three minutes and then got it into another bowl. There was given sheep cheese and bacon with its fat. By that time our halušky meal was done. For a better taste people use to drink milk with it.


Enjoy your meal,


Tedd 🙂