The positive effect of Bulgaria’s EU membership is undeniable.  It has provided innumerable opportunities for young people for instance, regarding their education, skills etc. It gave them the opportunity to travel and explore new areas, make friends and learn. EU funds allowed students to travel and take part in international project, which was impossible prior to our EU membership. Travelling to other EU countries has broadened their minds thus making them more open, more tolerant and better educated. What’s more , due to the EU programs a lot of people gained higher qualifications and skills so that they can be job competitive and find better paid jobs in whatever country in the EU they want.  The  school has participated in Euroscola twice, and in Euronest Scola once. They have successfully finished around ten international projects visiting more than 20 countries in the EU and having partners and visits from different partners around Europe. Not to mention the fact that they have made and continue having so many friends from abroad which is an excellent way to practice foreign languages as well as learning to be tolerant and respect the different. This project participation was also possible due to the EU after meeting  Evelyn in Euronest Scola. Thank you Evelyn! Thank you EU!

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