Do you remember I asked you to read this article to understand what Korrika is? It is the biggest initiative in support of a language which takes place in the Basque Country. Over 11 days and 10 nights, this language festival will go on for over 210 hours and will run through most Basque villages and cities, in total a distance of around 2300 kilometres.

I got up at 8:00 to be ready to run some kilometres with my friends Maider, Ania, Iranzu, Jon and Irati.

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Do you know what I tried? Chocolate and txurros! These Basque students treated me to breakfast before running!!!   28.03.15_(6)[1] 28.03.15_(2)[1] 28.03.15_(11)[1] Aniturri students and teachers running in support of Basque language [Watch VIDEOS]

Relaxing and sunbathing



We enjoyed cooking lunch and taking pictures together. Alaitz, Unai and Ainhoa joined us for lunch.

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