Middleharnis, The Netherlands

Miss teachers

During my time in the Netherlands I got to stay with miss Vlot (who teaches the Dutch language), miss Rufi and miss Schreurs (who teach the English language). They had already met me before and introduced me to their classes. Miss Rufi had even missed me so much that...

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Final exams

Before I forget to tell you, I accompanied miss Rufi to the final exams. In the Netherlands pupils are in secondary school until they’re 16-18 (depends on their level). At the end of their last year they have to do very important exams and if they pass, they are...

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Sweet Dutchies

I also tried some sweets: apple pie and kruukplaetjes. Although apple pie is known in more countries, the Dutch make great apple pie. They usually use cinnamon and raisins in it and sometimes they put crumbles on top. Kruukplaetjes are typical Dutch cookies, but only...

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