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Today I found out about a typical day of the students at the Hungarian school in Bratislava. The students told me that there were not many differences between Slovak and Hungarian kids; the only difference is the language they use at school. Here the teaching language is Hungarian, whereas in all the other schools in Bratislava it is Slovak. Of course, students at this school speak perfect Slovak too. But the students’ everyday life, school subjects, extracurricular activities are pretty much the same.

Students of year 9 told me about their typical day at school and showed me around.

The day starts in the cloakroom. Students have to change their shoes and leave their coats here.

Lessons start at 8.30 in the morning. Each lesson lasts 45 minutes and there are breaks between classes. The longest break lasts 20 minutes and it is after the second lesson. After lessons, students can go for lunch in the school canteen. I must tell you, the food is excellent here! They make healthy and tasty food here every day.

The school day ends at 2 p.m. Some students have lessons in the afternoon. Of course, there are many extracurricular activities, such as drama class, puppet theatre, decorative ceramics club, music club, football, basketball and many other interesting study groups. Smaller kids can go to the school club and stay there until their parents pick them up, sometimes until 6 p.m.

I attended some lessons with the students today: PE, English and Chemistry. And of course, the joy and happiness after school lessons ended…It was so much fun!

Check out the photos we took today:

IMG_8779 (2136 x 1424)IMG_8784 (2136 x 1424)

IMG_8790 (2136 x 1424)IMG_8792 (2136 x 1424)

IMG_8798 (600 x 400)IMG_8805 (2136 x 1424)

IMG_8808 (2136 x 1424)IMG_8812 (2136 x 1424)

IMG_8815 (2136 x 1424)IMG_8825 (2136 x 1424)

On 3 October, we celebrated the World Smile Day at the school. There were jokes told on the school radio all day and there was something special outside, a big surprise for the kids…This school won the competition for the collection of used oil among Bratislava schools, so the school got a present. It was a bounce house, a big one for the older students and a small one for the smallest pupils. I absolutely loved it!!! On one of the photos, you can see the school head teacher, Ms. Katalin Morvay (on the left), the English teacher, Ms. Judit Young (on the right), and me, of course.

We smiled and played all day. What a day! Everyone was happy and smiling. Love was in the air all day long….

Enjoy the photos from this amazing day:

IMG_8244 (2136 x 1424)20141003_112056 (1632 x 918)20141003_124517 (918 x 1632)

20141003_124645 (1632 x 918)20141003_112209 (1632 x 918)

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