Hello again,

finally, I have learnt something about Slovak teens and their leisure time activities.

Ladies first! ­čÖé Like any other girl teens, of course, they like to go out with friends. They also need sports, so some of them love volleybal or basketball, others enjoy swimming or running. Timea, the one sitting in the middle, absolutely adores longboarding.

When it is rainy weather they often watch some films. Mostly romantic comedies, thrillers or horrors. A lot of them enjoy watching some soap operas too. Many teenegers are fans of The Vampire diaries, Doctor Who or American horror story.

And of course, they like reading  magazines about celebrities. Timea thinks books are better. The best types of books for them are certainly The hunger Games, The Fault in Our Star, Looking for Alaska, The Game of Thrones or classic Harry Potter books.

Well, and what would kind of life would it be without music! But since everyone is different, everyone prefers a different style. Many of them listen to POP music, Rap, Hip Hop. Others listen to Rock and music like that. Timea thinks ┬áeach of these music styles offers something nice. And she absolutely loves music which tells a┬ástory in its lyrics. So she adores authors like Lana del Rey or Ed Sheeran. Thank you, girls ­čÖé


And what about Slovak boys?

Slovak boy teens spend most of their their free time on sports, music, computers and other hobbies with friends.

Slovak boys prefer football and ice hockey. They enjoy watching sports events such as the Olympics, the World or European Championships. Furthermore they are keen on watching the NHL or the Spanish football league.

Slovak boys spend their spare time on the Internet, especially on Facebook or YouTube. Almost every boy likes to play some video games. And they often watch movies like Harry Potter or Fast and the Furious.

Slovak boys enjoy listening to music, too. Eminem, Rihanna and EdSheeran belong to their favourite foreign music artists.


Yes, Slovak girls and boys are like any other teenagers in the world:-)

With love