Our trip to Strasbourg began on the morning of the 4th of February when eight students, their teacher and their teddy bear all made their way to Dublin Airport. Once at the airport we immediately met another group from Northern Ireland that would be journeying to the European Parliament with us. We quickly became friends with them and they became the first of many people who would come to love the charming rogue that is Tedd. Within a few minutes we were checked-in, had our bags dropped off and were through security and then we had some free time to enjoy before our flight. Before we did anything else though, we went for food where some delicious pizzas were in order. Afterwards we ventured to W.H. Smith where Tedd perused through books such as Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them (Tedd of course being a fantastic beast himself) and 50 Shades of Grey (he hadn’t realised what he was reading). After no time at all we found ourselves on-board our flight, jetting through the sky on our way to Frankfurt. It was late evening when we finally touched down in Germany and we were all abuzz with excitement. A coach was waiting there to bring us to France and we boarded along with the forty other students from the Republic and Northern Ireland. Two hours later we were driving through the beautiful streets of Strasbourg until, after a long day of travelling, we reached our hotel. As it was half eleven, Tedd and the rest of us were all pretty tired but that didn’t abate the sense of excitement that was in the air. We were ready for the rest of the trip! Strasbourg (4-02-15) (14)