The hotel wake-up call rang at quarter to 7, ensuring that we were ready for breakfast by 7:15. It was an important day, hence the early morning. We all piled into the bus at quarter to 8 and greeted our new friends. The bus journey to the Parliament Building was our first look at Strasbourg by the daylight. At the Louis Weiss Parliament Building we properly met Ireland’s other representatives, and were split into our groups. We were brought into The Hemicycle, and took our seats where the Members of Parliament debate issues. There was a presentation from all 28 countries introducing themselves, their school and their country. We were represented by Maurice Lynch, who told hundreds of people about Coláiste Chiaráin in German. There was a question and answer session with the representatives from the European Parliament, which was really interesting. At lunch we had to split into teams to take part in the Eurogame. We were given a quiz, with each question in a different language. We had to find teammates from different countries and find people to help translate the questions for us; there was no time for language barriers. After lunch we split into our groups to discuss the topics we were given. I got to take part in the Freedom of Information Committee, which was a really interesting place to be. We began by electing a rapporteur and a chairperson to report our conclusions to the rest of Euroscola. We were delighted to elect Cait Bird from Belfast and Luis Utor from Spain. For an hour we discussed freedom of information and what could and should be done about the topic. We came up with proposals had debated our points. We were then brought back to the Hemicycle to hear what the other groups had been discussing in their groups. Luis spoke for us answered all questions posed to him. We were given to chance to challenge the proposals of other groups, and ultimately vote on them. We were given headphones to listen to so we could hear the interpreter when languages other than English were spoken. There were also interpreters for German and French. Finally, four teams from the Eurogame were called up for the final. Ian Moloney was in the Green Team, but unfortunately the Red Team won. We all stood as they played the anthem of the European Union, Ode to Joy. Just like that, it was time to leave the European Parliament and go back to the hotel. There we gratefully ate our dinners and spent the night hanging out with our new friends.IMG_6554