We started our third and final day in Strasbourg with a well needed sleep-in until 9:00am, especially after spending the night before spending time with our newly made friends from Ireland. Our last breakfast was a quick one, and after we finished we headed back to our rooms to pack our bags. When all our bags were packed, we put on our jackets, hats and scarves as we got ready to bear the brunt of the cold that faced us around Strasbourg. We left the hotel at 10:00am, and met our tour guide who would take us around Strasbourg.

She began by taking us on a walk along the side of the Rhine, and showed us the different architecture that was around Strasbourg. She told us about the history of Strasbourg and showed us the beautiful scenery that was visible in almost every direction you could look. We found out that Strasbourg is the capital and principal city of the Alsace region in eastern France, and that its metropolitan area was the ninth largest in France. Towards the end of the tour, we were shown the Notre-Dame Cathedral, the 6th tallest church in the world. It was a fascinating building, with a lot of interesting history behind it. After this, the tour guide left us and we were given free time to wander the city of Strasbourg.

Of course, we first had to taste some of the fine French cuisine – so we went for dinner in McDonalds. After this, we shopped around, buying presents for loved ones and attempting to speak to the shop assistants in French, however we were restricted to “Bonjour” which led to be a problem. Other than that, the city had much to offer with different shops and even more scenery. The walk back to the hotel to get our bus was an emotional one, as we knew that it would be our last time walking it for this trip. However, the warmth of the hotel beat the cold any day.

We got on the bus to Frankfurt at 4pm, and arrived later that evening. The bus journey was relaxing, and used as a time to catch up on sleep from the trip. When we reached the airport, we checked in and what seemed to be minutes after, our plane was ready to take off. However, the fact that the German security suspected Tedd of bringing something other than joy into Germany was shocking to say the least. When the plane descended onto Irish soil, we said our goodbyes to our newly-made Irish friends and raced for the bus home. As we arrived back in Limerick at 2:00am Saturday morning, we all undoubtedly missed the beautiful city of Strasbourg. It was a very enjoyable trip and we were all incredibly grateful to Euroscola for giving us the wonderful opportunity.Strasbourg (4-02-15) (12)