Strasbourg, France

Strasbourg Day 3

We started our third and final day in Strasbourg with a well needed sleep-in until 9:00am, especially after spending the night before spending time with our newly made friends from Ireland. Our last breakfast was a quick one, and after we finished we headed back to...

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Strasbourg Day 2

The hotel wake-up call rang at quarter to 7, ensuring that we were ready for breakfast by 7:15. It was an important day, hence the early morning. We all piled into the bus at quarter to 8 and greeted our new friends. The bus journey to the Parliament Building was our...

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Strasbourg Day 1

Our trip to Strasbourg began on the morning of the 4th of February when eight students, their teacher and their teddy bear all made their way to Dublin Airport. Once at the airport we immediately met another group from Northern Ireland that would be journeying to the...

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