Hello everyone its Tedd and I’m going to visit the town of Marche-en-Famenne, in Belgium, in Luxembourg. You can read an interview in wich some students will talk about the education in Marche-en-Famenne. They will talk about the different type of schools (the secondary, the primary, the nursery), and the different types of education (the free-school system and the state-school system). They will also talk about the activities and the trips wich are organized by the schools. You will find more information during the interview wich will be post next week.



MM: Hello Antoine, our expert in education here in Marche-en-Famenne.

A: Hello

MM: So, how many schools are there in Marche-en-Famenne?

A: There are 2 different groups of schools: The free-school system (the ELMA) and the state school system. You start school at 3 years old to the nursery school, and then you study at the primary school, then 6 years to the secondary school. There, you have 3 possibilities: the general section, the technical section and the professional section. In the general section, when you leave secondary school, you are supposed to go to university or to the high school. It’s the same thing with the technical section. But in the professional section, when you leave school, you are qualified to start a job at 18-19 years old.

MM: What different options do you have in school?

A: We have some options like math 6, sciences 5 and immersion if you want to learn more in a specific course but we also have options like arts, Latin and sciences-economic wich are options that you choose according to your preferences.

MM: What sort of activities can you do at school?

A: Sorry but I have to go. I must visit a new nursery school in a village next to Marche-en-Famenne. My assistant is going to answer to your questions.

MM: Ok. So, what’s your name?

ML: My name is Martin Lothaire.

MM: What sort of activities can you do at school?

ML: During the lunch time, you can play badminton, table tennis, kicker, football, basketball,…. There is also a library.

MM: Are there any trips organized by the school?

ML: Yes in the first year, the immersion class is going to Canterbury, in England. Then to the Isle of Wight in the second year. There is also a trip organized for all the students in the second year to France and another one in the third year to Greece.

MM: And what about the sports?

ML: There are 7 sport halls in the school where you can practise gymnastics, football, basketball, volleyball, handball, badminton…

MM: Do you have a boarding school?

ML: Yes, we have a boarding with a lot of activities for the students who are staying at school and they have two compulsory study hours per day.

MM: When was the school created?

ML: The school was created in 1960 and at the beginning it was a girl’s school which was directed by nuns.

MM: How many students are there in your school?

ML: There are approximately 1700 students in St Julie and St Laurent.

MM: Thanks for answering our questions.

ML: You’re welcome.