Having spent much time researching and preparing for our debates, we were both exited and eager to board our train on the morning of the Model Council. By 7:20am, we were seated and ready to begin our trip to Dublin Castle. We used this opportunity to spruce up our debates adding some rhetorical questions and discussing the potential questions we may be challenged with. All seemed to be going well, until the train came to a stop 2km short of Heuston Station. We waited anxiously unaware of the reason for our sudden stop, but yet again used this opportunity to practice our presentation. Tedd took to twitter expressing his concern over missing the event. As if having heard him, the engines came back on almost instantaneously.B_LiqQhWoAEj--i


Having been set back 1 hour already it was important that we went full speed ahead, darting to the Luas, just about ensuring that all 11 of us were present before it quickly sped off. We scurried through the streets of Dublin one after the other, pretending we knew where we were going. Having made it to what we thought was Dublin Castle, we asked a local for assistance, to which he smirked; pointing around the corner.On our arrival we were greeted by the hosts of the event and were quickly checked in. Without a moment’s thought we were brought over to the photographing area where we were given the opportunity to meet the official representative of the Netherlands – the country we were representing. It was a great opportunity for us to discuss some of our proposals and to make him aware of our stance on the issue at hand and our reasons for it.

With the ding of a bell, the event began. We were directed towards our seating area. Ours marked by the Netherland’s flag sitting proud on our front desk. Belgium kicked off the debate, followed soon after by Bulgaria and Germany. As each representing country spoke we noted their stances and proposals, whilst also adding and cutting our own presentation in relation to what had already been said. After the UK had spoken, the initial round of the Model Council Concluded.

During the interval between rounds we availed of the opportunity to discuss the topic with other countries. Convincing and persuading them to inspect the issue through the eyes of the smaller European countries. In conclusion the alliance was made between a number of smaller EU countries that we would together strive to achieve an average 30% share of renewable energy .

In the third round Lithuania and Malta proposed this to our chairperson and when put to vote , passed with flying colours. As the event concluded our Judges retreated to their quarters to make their final decision. Shortly after the winner was announced, It was Bulgaria !


In conclusion , the event was absolutely fantastic ! Despite the setbacks in the transport to the event , we still managed to thoroughly enjoy our day and would recommend it to any othe school considering to take part.